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Alexander Wang leather bag, $495
T by Alexander Wang denim leather Denim jacket with leather sleeves, €559
Tricker's Black Commando Brogue Stow Boots, £355
Saint James Striped Long Sleeve Tee, $98
Chevignon Jean Droit, €120
Denim Shirt, $221

Givenchy Cuff



A screenshot of the store.
I think in this day and age, online shopping has become more than just a supplement to the retail sector; it has definitely taken on a life of it's own. With that, online store owners need to start thinking more about visual merchandising on their store, it's no longer enough to just slap a couple of images together and hope that it looks pretty, but I digress. Back to the matter at hand, {far 4} is one of the online stores I actually enjoy browsing, and not just for the sake of shopping too; With an impeccably edited selection of the most kitschy and eclectic merchandise, this is a store for all of us kooks out there. Don't believe me? Take a look below.

AHH!! The Elephant Necklace, how cute!
The quirky assortment of porcelain. 

And yes, they do ship internationally.



Remember those handcuff bracelet and all that other S&M inspired accessories we saw this Fall? Well, here is my take. Warped a few strips glossy black of acrylic into cuffs and then attached chains and tassels to really give it that punch. And no, I will not be accepting spanks as bribes for these cuffs; just saying.



Lacoste SS2012

OK so moving on from the melodramatic title, this post is about NYFW or New York Fashion Week for all of you have abbreviation allergies. To say I'm excited is more than an understatement, IT'S FASHION WEEK, come on! Or to quote Candy Pratts Price, "SAHPTAHMBUHRR is the JAH-NEW-ERY of FAH-SSHEN" you heard her! For me, it's a time of  awe and wonderment at what are to be the trends for the next season and with the help of nowfashion.com I've been looking at the photos in real time. 

There seemed to be quite a collective idea floating around some of the shows, a creative consensus if you may, this idea of athleticism and sportswear. Depending on the designers however, they either chose to luxe it up with gorgeous fabrics like at Victoria Beckham, or they merged it back to streetwear like at Rag & Bone and Alexander Wang. Whichever way the designers chose it always came out looking urban and fresh. Perhaps it's the relaxed attitude one implies when throwing on a piece of workout attire and the implied "fuck it" confidence the wearer automatically possesses. 

Alexander Wang SS2012

Altuzarra SS2012

Victoria Beckham SS2012
Rag & Bone SS2012

Jason Wu SS2012
DO: Start wearing the trend now! Look for sporty details like cutouts, panels and neon colours in your clothes, to really lift a look. If you're daring enough, why not wear your gym gear out? As long as it's done tastefully, anything goes.



So I don't really need to introduce this blog, do I? Ok, fine I will anyways. So I've had this blog for about 6 months now it was previously on onsugar.com that was great and all but kinda sucked. Anyways, 6 months on and i can still count the people who read it on one hand but hey, Rome was not built in a day... or 6 months right? If you can't tell by the title my blog is all about taking fashion into your hands, literally. See something you like on the runways that you can't possibly think of shelling out moolah for? Make it. One should never be a pacifist when it comes to fashion. So yes, I'm Greg, and it's been nice meeting you.

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