A selection of Nu Bambu's latest offerings.
You liked that title didn't you? Here's something else for you to like; For the uninitiated, Etsy is kinda like this halfway house for craft addicts by craft addicts. With loads of different stores it's become a a DIY community of sorts; sweet, I know.

I've been looking at raw uncut stones since i was like 11 (no exaggeration here, I have the books to prove it) There's something quite modern about the organic angularity of natural, free formed crystals that I'm so intrigued by and of course anything that i can wear around my neck/finger i want. If i could put a shard of glass around my neck i would... wait i think i can. ANYWAYS, Nu Bambu specializes in just that sort of thing, but at only a fraction of what most people are selling them for. No 'YSL arte ring' prices here. The workmanship is good and shipping, prompt. What are you waiting for? GO!



'A picture is worth a thousand words.' I'm sorry I couldn't resist that cliche of an opening sentence. But there is some truth to that horridly overused line. Often I find a well taken photograph can be just as transporting as any EZ-link card or Air Ticket. Transportation is not about where you are, but rather about how you feel. With that in mind, take a trip to New York, during Fashion Week no less through these wonderful .gif images from Cinemagraph. ALL ABOARD!

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Backstage from the ACNE Spring 2012 show... well, hello there.
 I'm BACK! I do apologize for the extended break I've taken the liberty to have, anyways I'm back and I'm here to stay. ACNE is the brand/skin disease of the day but I'd rather not go into the whole dermatology of it. A swedish brand founded in 1996 ACNE actually stands for "Ambission to Create Novel Expression" bet you didn't know that... but then again why would you need to. Well if you must know, I just know ACNE as house-of-everything-I-ever-want-to-wear. You'll see why.

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