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A selection of Nu Bambu's latest offerings.
You liked that title didn't you? Here's something else for you to like; For the uninitiated, Etsy is kinda like this halfway house for craft addicts by craft addicts. With loads of different stores it's become a a DIY community of sorts; sweet, I know.

I've been looking at raw uncut stones since i was like 11 (no exaggeration here, I have the books to prove it) There's something quite modern about the organic angularity of natural, free formed crystals that I'm so intrigued by and of course anything that i can wear around my neck/finger i want. If i could put a shard of glass around my neck i would... wait i think i can. ANYWAYS, Nu Bambu specializes in just that sort of thing, but at only a fraction of what most people are selling them for. No 'YSL arte ring' prices here. The workmanship is good and shipping, prompt. What are you waiting for? GO!


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