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this rad video is my way of spreading a little Christmas joy. Happy Holidays guys! 
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Top row, from left to right: Dries Van Noten, Michael Bastian, Marc By Marc Jacobs
Bottom row, from left to right: Alexander McQueen, ACNE, Prada, Maison Martin Margiela
All Photos from
SWAG kinda seems like the word of 2011 doesn't it? Instead of sneaking through the back and stealing, get some of your own with Spring 2012's best frames. Go crazy with clear acrylic or not at all in a sublime wire frame. I know I'll sunglass it up, the question is, will you? You should. No really, just get a pair. And a cool looking one too; no more Oakleys please, you're not running a marathon and even if you were I'm sure the ACNE ones would look cooler, nothing more important than staying cool in a marathon, right?



Top row, from left to right: ACNE, Lanvin and Proenza Schouler
Bottom row, from left to right: Erdem, Stella McCartney, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Derek Lam

All photos from
From lace goggles to superhero lenses to cat-eyes on crack, variety really is the spice of life or at least the Spring 2012 season. When it comes to eyewear, the collective message this spring? STAND OUT. That generic wayfarer or aviator won't cut in anymore. Look for frames in odd shapes and even odder colours and textures for a sun-shielding statement. You won't ever have to say 'Hey my eyes are up here!' anymore for I assure you, they'll be the focus.

Sorry guys, ladies first. Do check back tomorrow; trust me, you'll want to see this.



Okay Taylor Tomasi Hill, put those finger guns away...
Photo: Jak&Jil
Because I too, like Lui Tuck Yew, think that waiting is a "Necessary Pain"(see what i did there?), this is but a teaser post of sorts.

Sunglasses. We all love them, don't we? Glamourous, mysterious, seductive, cool; oh and they also shield your eyes from that unforgiving sun making sure you don't walk around with "chinese eyes". No that was not racist, I'm chinese so I get to make that joke.

Oh and what is this teaser business I speak of, you ask? Well if you had followed me on instagram (@greggywoo don't judge) you would already know *WINK*. Check back tomorrow and the day after for the full posts, just cos' I'm a tease like that.



Tommy Hilfiger's All Night Christmas Party. It's kinda sexy for a family gathering no?
What's Christmas without presents (and a little self induced panic attack)? There's always that one person we never know what to get anything for and a generic gift simply won't do. Sound familiar? With barely a week to go before the 25th here is my list of the best Christmas gift guides on the web to help you along with the rest of the people that still need to be checked off your list.



From left to right: Ungaro, Giles, Katrantzou, Givenchy and Altuzarra.

LISTEN UP LADIES! With the party season (Christmas+New Year's) just around the corner, I hope you've already realized that the short tight dress is so passé when it comes to groove-able gear. Instead, I urge you to paint the town a happy, not slutty, red in this party-ready alternative... THE EVENING PANT!

(Cue dramatic music and lighting. You know, music is not always enough anymore)



A selection of Nu Bambu's latest offerings.
You liked that title didn't you? Here's something else for you to like; For the uninitiated, Etsy is kinda like this halfway house for craft addicts by craft addicts. With loads of different stores it's become a a DIY community of sorts; sweet, I know.

I've been looking at raw uncut stones since i was like 11 (no exaggeration here, I have the books to prove it) There's something quite modern about the organic angularity of natural, free formed crystals that I'm so intrigued by and of course anything that i can wear around my neck/finger i want. If i could put a shard of glass around my neck i would... wait i think i can. ANYWAYS, Nu Bambu specializes in just that sort of thing, but at only a fraction of what most people are selling them for. No 'YSL arte ring' prices here. The workmanship is good and shipping, prompt. What are you waiting for? GO!



'A picture is worth a thousand words.' I'm sorry I couldn't resist that cliche of an opening sentence. But there is some truth to that horridly overused line. Often I find a well taken photograph can be just as transporting as any EZ-link card or Air Ticket. Transportation is not about where you are, but rather about how you feel. With that in mind, take a trip to New York, during Fashion Week no less through these wonderful .gif images from Cinemagraph. ALL ABOARD!

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Backstage from the ACNE Spring 2012 show... well, hello there.
 I'm BACK! I do apologize for the extended break I've taken the liberty to have, anyways I'm back and I'm here to stay. ACNE is the brand/skin disease of the day but I'd rather not go into the whole dermatology of it. A swedish brand founded in 1996 ACNE actually stands for "Ambission to Create Novel Expression" bet you didn't know that... but then again why would you need to. Well if you must know, I just know ACNE as house-of-everything-I-ever-want-to-wear. You'll see why.



Am currently struggling with my school work. will be back ASAP say in a few weeks time. In the mean time check out these other local blogs!



The Skateboards in question. Gorgeous!
This sort of makes me want to take up skating, but then the image of me struggling to balance and then falling on my bum is too much gross-ness even for myself, so maybe these skateboards would be better suited behind a nice shadow box, for me at least.

The be-trousered female in the photo above whose blood, sweat and tears is responsible for the boards in question is Jayne, yes like Wayne with a J, Ok for this much amazingness, the more-different-than-i-could-care-for name is overlook-able. I mean just look at those boards!

By applying the instantly identifiable Celine Spring 2011 print that Phoebe Philo used on blouses and trousers to such a mainstay of street culture is surely a stroke of genius on her part, creating a harmonious tension between the street and the catwalk, leaving many a wagging tongue in her wake.

The Celine collection in the flesh; Spring 2011.



Talk about weather-appropriate layering!
How entirely out of context it is for me to be talking about layering in this weather! But maybe as the tail end of the year approaches the slightly (very slightly) lower temperatures may give some legitimacy to this post, so here goes.



Try running neon wool yarn through the vertical threads of a chunky knit sweater. 
Nothing that a paint brush, masking tape and some fabric paint can't do.
Masking tape and some acrylic paint. 
Detatch a collar of an old white shirt and embellish with anything from beads to studs for the same effect!

Either dip-dye a white denim jacket or bleach a blue one.




OK this bitch Catherine Baba is wearing at least 4 tassels, BEAT THAT.
image: jakandjil
I've always been fascinated with tassels! No, not just the ones you attach to pasties, jewelry too. There's something effortlessly glamorous about strips of leather or chains swinging in your wake as you strut away. Or maybe it's a tassel on the wrist that flicks so carelessly in the air as a panicked Rachel Zoe gestures that there aren't enough dress options, ever. Either way, it's a great accessory to add a little movement, a little subversion and a little ooh la la to your persona. Go on, try it.

If unlike Rachel, you don't want to shell out cash to have this little fling with movement, make your own!'s tutorial is great and really easy to follow, use it as a point of inspiration.

Oh and just a word of caution be a little less vigorous with your gestures/strides/hip movements, tassels tend to get caught in the most unusual places... like a friend's bra strap; been there, done that.



I first spotted this little budding gem of a jewellry designer on The Style Bubble. Using velvet ribbon and what's known as a "square braid" Emma Calvert has created a line of wonderfully eclectic yet subtle accessories (subtle only by my standards, I know). But why shell out the hard-whored money when you can make your own and quite easily too... cue dramatic music. Learn how to the do the square braid here and a few yards of velvet ribbon later, you have a stunningly different take on a braided necklace for cheap!


PS: In singapore you can get velvet ribbon fron the wholesale centre at Jln Sultan and you will want to buy quite a bit as you typically end up with a necklace that's a quarter the length of the ribbon you started out with.



Wonky-eyed model.
So last night right after the Marc by Marc party was the Topshop Fall 2011 show. Well at least from what the invite said... I wouldn't know because this is the only half-decent shot I could get, elbowing for room at the really crowded venue, not Topshop's fault though, we came rather late.

Poor models looked like they were about the collapse mid-walk... I'm thinking it wasn't the best idea to show winter clothes outdoors in 32 degree Singapore weather. Anyways the clothes, from what I saw, looked like the usual topshop mix of quirky-sometimes-glamarous-but-always-wearable pieces with that 70s influence we've seen all season. Best thing? Mere mortals like us don't have to sell a parent to afford the looks, so shop away!



What a great way to spend a friday, no? Grooving to 70s hits while watching/laughing at models as they try their best to not look awkward (but failing) as they shimmy in the Marc By Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 collection. For the ladies, longer skirts, higher necklines and lots of mary-jane shoes ala Farrah Fawcett in her heyday and you get the idea. For the guys, think Roy Halston in Italy; Turtle necks with great tweed jackets. Retro fun minus the drugs! Ok maybe not, I did pass my friend some aspirin outside the party, she was having a headache but still, how badass right.

 Anyways, the 70s are a super sexy era we should all be a little more fond of! I mean it's modesty with sensuality and when we have crap like Snooki and The Jersey Shore polluting the world, that era is a counterpoint that is more than welcome!



wear now

Alexander Wang leather bag, $495
T by Alexander Wang denim leather Denim jacket with leather sleeves, €559
Tricker's Black Commando Brogue Stow Boots, £355
Saint James Striped Long Sleeve Tee, $98
Chevignon Jean Droit, €120
Denim Shirt, $221

Givenchy Cuff



A screenshot of the store.
I think in this day and age, online shopping has become more than just a supplement to the retail sector; it has definitely taken on a life of it's own. With that, online store owners need to start thinking more about visual merchandising on their store, it's no longer enough to just slap a couple of images together and hope that it looks pretty, but I digress. Back to the matter at hand, {far 4} is one of the online stores I actually enjoy browsing, and not just for the sake of shopping too; With an impeccably edited selection of the most kitschy and eclectic merchandise, this is a store for all of us kooks out there. Don't believe me? Take a look below.

AHH!! The Elephant Necklace, how cute!
The quirky assortment of porcelain. 

And yes, they do ship internationally.



Remember those handcuff bracelet and all that other S&M inspired accessories we saw this Fall? Well, here is my take. Warped a few strips glossy black of acrylic into cuffs and then attached chains and tassels to really give it that punch. And no, I will not be accepting spanks as bribes for these cuffs; just saying.



Lacoste SS2012

OK so moving on from the melodramatic title, this post is about NYFW or New York Fashion Week for all of you have abbreviation allergies. To say I'm excited is more than an understatement, IT'S FASHION WEEK, come on! Or to quote Candy Pratts Price, "SAHPTAHMBUHRR is the JAH-NEW-ERY of FAH-SSHEN" you heard her! For me, it's a time of  awe and wonderment at what are to be the trends for the next season and with the help of I've been looking at the photos in real time. 

There seemed to be quite a collective idea floating around some of the shows, a creative consensus if you may, this idea of athleticism and sportswear. Depending on the designers however, they either chose to luxe it up with gorgeous fabrics like at Victoria Beckham, or they merged it back to streetwear like at Rag & Bone and Alexander Wang. Whichever way the designers chose it always came out looking urban and fresh. Perhaps it's the relaxed attitude one implies when throwing on a piece of workout attire and the implied "fuck it" confidence the wearer automatically possesses. 

Alexander Wang SS2012

Altuzarra SS2012

Victoria Beckham SS2012
Rag & Bone SS2012

Jason Wu SS2012
DO: Start wearing the trend now! Look for sporty details like cutouts, panels and neon colours in your clothes, to really lift a look. If you're daring enough, why not wear your gym gear out? As long as it's done tastefully, anything goes.



So I don't really need to introduce this blog, do I? Ok, fine I will anyways. So I've had this blog for about 6 months now it was previously on that was great and all but kinda sucked. Anyways, 6 months on and i can still count the people who read it on one hand but hey, Rome was not built in a day... or 6 months right? If you can't tell by the title my blog is all about taking fashion into your hands, literally. See something you like on the runways that you can't possibly think of shelling out moolah for? Make it. One should never be a pacifist when it comes to fashion. So yes, I'm Greg, and it's been nice meeting you.

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