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Backstage from the ACNE Spring 2012 show... well, hello there.
 I'm BACK! I do apologize for the extended break I've taken the liberty to have, anyways I'm back and I'm here to stay. ACNE is the brand/skin disease of the day but I'd rather not go into the whole dermatology of it. A swedish brand founded in 1996 ACNE actually stands for "Ambission to Create Novel Expression" bet you didn't know that... but then again why would you need to. Well if you must know, I just know ACNE as house-of-everything-I-ever-want-to-wear. You'll see why.

ACNE Spring 2012- mashed up.
There's something about the Swedish I tell you. They have somehow managed to find a way to simplify everything without losing any charm; I mean just look at IKEA! ACNE (not the skin condition) has a rather similar cool. The collections always look like insanely cool, modern and individual members of this pot-smoking (it is legal there), meatball loving tribe for which I would like a lifetime membership.
HELLO?! Does this not have my name metaphorically written all over it? It kinda does.
What's more ACNE has an online outlet store. This is where you go: "SAY WHAT?!" Yup, almost everything there is on 50 percent markdown, GO. I mean why wouldn't you?


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