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Celine Cuff from Spring 2012
Hello there my pluckie duckies! Another week, another tutorial. On this lovely thursday, turn your attention to this Celine Spring 2012 cuff. A beauty isn't she? Spotted her at the ngee ann city store here in singapore for something like $800, ie: not as friendly to the wallet as it is to the eye. Here's a quick, simple tutorial to get the same look for much less moolah.

Fold the strip of leather over the ring meeting at the centre.
With the awl, punch 3 holes on the smaller strip of leather, the first one in the middle
and the other 2, a centimeters apart each. 
With the needle and thread, sew the strip shut, using the holes as a guide for the needle.
Repeat for the other side, and you should end up with something that looks like this.
Now, take the bigger strip of leather, threading in through the centre portion creating a fold that's
slightly bigger than the strip you just made. Then, repeat the above process of hole-punching and sewing. 
To wear, simple wrap the cuff around your wrist and fasten as if you were wearing a belt.
And look! That's all it took to replicate a Celine Cuff in mere minutes. Once again, if you have any queries or comments, leave them in the section below and I'll respond as soon as I can!

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viona said...

SWEEEEEEEET! Where did you get your leather from?

Gregory Woo said...

Hey V! It's this shop within People's Park Complex! I'm gathering all the DIY supply stores and doing a post on where to find everything soon.

Fey said...

Great idea!I have white leather, I will do mine as well;)Thanks for this tutorial.

libertydenied said...

My name is Amber and I run the personal style blog My Eyes Are Hungry. I release a monthly DIY video series called HUNT, where I find pieces of clothing I already own and create something new out of them.

This month, I was looking to do something with my leather fabric when I happened upon your DIY bracelet tutorial on Pinterest. I was happy to find that the tutorial was simple, quick and chic. Thanks so much for providing the instructions!

Please check out my video editorial and blog containing my remix of your instructions. Would love to hear your feedback on it!

Hope you enjoy and thanks again for this tutorial!


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