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 It's so last season... Ok I don't really care and neither should you. Gorgeous Raf Simons shoes will always be gorgeous Raf Simons shoes. But at over a thousand dollars I'd probably need to wait a few more season, when they've been re, re-marked down before I even consider calling them my own. BUT WAIT. What is that you say? DIY to the rescue? Indeed, indeed.

Close the zip fully and cut as close to the teeth as possible, then lightly heat the edges to seal the fabric.
Align the middle of the zip with the centre of the toe cap then slwoly, and neatly glue the zip
around the base of the shoe.
Allow the hot glue to dry then pick away at any loose strings of hot glue.

Now look who's got a new pair of very Raf Simons's-esque shoes. YOU DO! Oh right on a side note I used zippers instead of chains because I like zips... and also I couldn't find the right type of curb chain that would adhere nicely to the shoe. But if you do, the same process can be repeated with a chain as well! 

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