It's a little ridiculous don't you think? Asking $495 for a t-shirt? Well, Mr But well then "it's Balenciaga!" you say  well yes, it most certainly is. Yeah I don't buy into that crap, it's a t-shirt, with panels. Get over it. OR... DIY IT! Yes! A plain old white tee, some masking tape and a dob of paint is all you really need to get the look! And now people can say you look five hundred bucks! A million takes a little more work sweetheart. Oh and if you do happen have an extra $495 hanging around you can get the original at



Tom Ford's Spring 2012 Campaign
Come on, is that not a fitting title for a post about Tom Ford? After all, we are talking about the man who made 'slutty' a legit look in the 90s with his work at Gucci and Saint Laurent. It is then apt that his latest womenswear outing has that same deliciously vampy quality about it. Skin tight dresses, mesh cutouts, bright furs and leather stiletto boots? Check, check, check and check. And yes, I know what you're thinking: It's an episode of Fashion Police and Joan Rivers is about to turn her paddle and shout 'STREET WALKER!' And under any other circumstance, that judgement would be accurate, but not here. Tom Ford has a way of working with these fabrics and silhouettes that read sexy not vulgar. Speaking of vulgarity, does anyone else think this collection is what Kanye intended his Fall 2012 show to look like? But of course he failed, quite obviously too. That man should not be in fashion. Moving on, the video below is of the Tom Ford's Fall 2012 collection. And yes, Gwyneth Paltrow's gorgeous white caped number is in there and so is Jennifer Lawrence's zippered LBD. Didn't think you could keep a celebrity from this collection for long now did ya?


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