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OK this bitch Catherine Baba is wearing at least 4 tassels, BEAT THAT.
image: jakandjil
I've always been fascinated with tassels! No, not just the ones you attach to pasties, jewelry too. There's something effortlessly glamorous about strips of leather or chains swinging in your wake as you strut away. Or maybe it's a tassel on the wrist that flicks so carelessly in the air as a panicked Rachel Zoe gestures that there aren't enough dress options, ever. Either way, it's a great accessory to add a little movement, a little subversion and a little ooh la la to your persona. Go on, try it.

If unlike Rachel, you don't want to shell out cash to have this little fling with movement, make your own! Honestly...wtf's tutorial is great and really easy to follow, use it as a point of inspiration.

Oh and just a word of caution be a little less vigorous with your gestures/strides/hip movements, tassels tend to get caught in the most unusual places... like a friend's bra strap; been there, done that.


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