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The Skateboards in question. Gorgeous!
This sort of makes me want to take up skating, but then the image of me struggling to balance and then falling on my bum is too much gross-ness even for myself, so maybe these skateboards would be better suited behind a nice shadow box, for me at least.

The be-trousered female in the photo above whose blood, sweat and tears is responsible for the boards in question is Jayne, yes like Wayne with a J, Ok for this much amazingness, the more-different-than-i-could-care-for name is overlook-able. I mean just look at those boards!

By applying the instantly identifiable Celine Spring 2011 print that Phoebe Philo used on blouses and trousers to such a mainstay of street culture is surely a stroke of genius on her part, creating a harmonious tension between the street and the catwalk, leaving many a wagging tongue in her wake.

The Celine collection in the flesh; Spring 2011.


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