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Talk about weather-appropriate layering!
Image: wearefreshfish.com
How entirely out of context it is for me to be talking about layering in this weather! But maybe as the tail end of the year approaches the slightly (very slightly) lower temperatures may give some legitimacy to this post, so here goes.

The ever-amazing Susie Lau of Style Bubble rocking a raincoat over a bustier over a dress. Layering at it's finest!
image: stylecovered.com

There's something to be said about layering and yes I'm saying it now. It really is kinda rather fabulous to have on a coat over a jacket over a vest over a shirt over a dress over a tee is it not? There is just one slight glitch though. It's 32 degrees celsius out here in the Singapore heat, so what's are we red dot fashionistas to do? Simple! Layer light and layer smart! Think Leandre Medine AKA the Man Repeller or Susie Lau of Style Bubble fame. We can all take their cue on unconventional layering! Just remember to keep all the layers of clothing light, breathable, easy and breezy (but no, not like a 'covergirl').

Pile It On
The starter kit to layering for all you chicks, yes applicable even in this ridiculous heat.

Halston Heritage ruched mini dress, $140
T by Alexander Wang v neck tank top, £34
Dion Lee printed top, $600
Surface To Air draped top, $60
Tailored jacket, $70
Kimberly Ovitz cropped vest, £98
3.1 Phillip Lim draped pants, $375
Acne pleated skirt, $860

Pile it on Mens
For the dudes; A simple, not too out there way to layer.

Men's Self Stripe Gant Linen Blazer, £210
Asymmetrical Blazer, $770
Acne men's max cash low-rise taper jeans, $230
Maison Martin Margiela 10 Short Sleeve T-Shirt, $295
Roberto Collina Zip Bike Melange Merino wool zip jacket, €259
120% LINEN Linen Shirt, $158
Cheap Monday Slim Beige Chinos, $71
T by Alexander Wang Utility Vest, $375

With a little imagination and some taste, layering doesn't have to just be reserved for them bastards in cold climates, we can get in on the action too.


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