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One for the girls (and perhaps the very adventurous gent) this time around, we've got Noir's gorgeous neon accessories that so beautifully combine the punch of neon with the poise of well placed faux crystals. (Note, I said well placed. No disastrous tai-tai bauble explosions here). Read on to find out how you can get that same look. 

In this DIY, I used spikes and studs instead of crystal because I couldn't find sew on ones that I liked. But if you do, by all means, use those! You can even pin on an old brooch if you have one, it's all about creativity here! 

Coil rope twice round your wrist and snip into two equal lengths.
Thread rope through metal tube.
Sew the ends of the rope the rope together using thread of the same colour.
Don't put too much effort into trying to make it neat, as metal tube will cover the sewn area.  
As mentioned before, slide the tube over the sewn section forming 2 bracelets.
You can actually stop here for a really simple rope bangle but the best part, I assure you, are the spikes. 
Starting from the side of the metal tube, stitch the 2 bracelets together.
You'll want to be discreet about this, so you don't get ugly stitches along your cuff. 
Once your one sewing them together, take the sew on stud and stitch it right on to the cuff like so.
Next, attach the screw in spikes by forcing a little hole in between the 2 pieces of rope and placing the screw there. 

You've just made yourself a neon pink cuff with the pretty of pink and punk of that hardware. A perfect little finishing touch that'll help you cover 2 trends in one. I actually prefer the spikes to Noir's diamante options. What say you?

Leave a comment in the section below if you have any questions or queries and I'll get back to you the moment I see them, promise!

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Venetia said...

omg greg i love this! but i'm not really a stud person. can you custom make one for me? :)

Gregory Woo said...

Thanks Venetia! Love that you love it! Spikes, all round?

emily said...

So clever! I wish I'd been able to find neon cording before I started on my own DIY journey - where did you source the project materials from?

Gregory Woo said...

Hi Emily! I get most of my materials from Chinatown! Stay tuned, a where-to-find post is in the works.

Unknown said...

Hi! where can i buy the rope? Thanks!

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