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Sorry to keep you waiting you P.L.Ts, this week's tutorial is worth it's weight (wait) in glitter. A good friend of mine, Joanna, or Jo for short came to me with a fashion 911. She'd ruined her lovely brogues and wanted to do something with them cos' they were too good toss. So here's the solution: glitter. But isn't that the solution to everything else though?

Tape around the portion where you'd like to place the glitter, for this tutorial we chose the toe cap and the heel.
Mix the glitter in with the PVA glue in a 1 to 2 ratio.
Next, dip your brush into the glitter and start painting the glitter on.
Do light, thin coats of glitter, waiting for the layer to dry each time before painting on the next layer.
When the layers are dry, paint on an additional layer of PVA glue to lock in the glitter,
so you don't leave a trail of sparkle.
Peel off the tape when the glue is dry to reveal your new, glitzy-er shoe. Wear them with a cropped tuxedo pant to add a touch feminine flair to your look, or with a flirty little dress for that touch of gamine cool.

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