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From left to right: Ungaro, Giles, Katrantzou, Givenchy and Altuzarra.

LISTEN UP LADIES! With the party season (Christmas+New Year's) just around the corner, I hope you've already realized that the short tight dress is so passé when it comes to groove-able gear. Instead, I urge you to paint the town a happy, not slutty, red in this party-ready alternative... THE EVENING PANT!

(Cue dramatic music and lighting. You know, music is not always enough anymore)

Yup! You heard me right, pants are the coolest new way to go about your after-hours duties! And how perfect too, no more having to worry about up-skirts or other possible wardrobe mishaps, just slip em' on and get ready for a good time! To avoid going down the aunty route, pair these party pants with a model off duty-esque slouchy tank and the highest ankle-strap sandal you can find. And please steer clear of the platform shoes, I beg you.

PS: For all you Vodka/Gin/Wine/Over-sweetened cocktail spillers, I've chosen the best in metallics and prints. The drink will slide ride off the metallic pairs and will blend into the prints, hopefully. Yes, I'm considerate like that.


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