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A screenshot of the store.
I think in this day and age, online shopping has become more than just a supplement to the retail sector; it has definitely taken on a life of it's own. With that, online store owners need to start thinking more about visual merchandising on their store, it's no longer enough to just slap a couple of images together and hope that it looks pretty, but I digress. Back to the matter at hand, {far 4} is one of the online stores I actually enjoy browsing, and not just for the sake of shopping too; With an impeccably edited selection of the most kitschy and eclectic merchandise, this is a store for all of us kooks out there. Don't believe me? Take a look below.

AHH!! The Elephant Necklace, how cute!
The quirky assortment of porcelain. 

And yes, they do ship internationally.


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