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It's that time of the year again isn't it? When we all resolve to lose weight, try that new haircut, finally speak to that person and all the other cliches that make up the worst followed set of instructions - A New Year's resolution, so here's one that won't be a bitch to keep.

Look your best. Always.

How simple, right! And it won't cost a lot of money either! In the January issue of CATALOG, I flex my styling muscle (the only muscle I have actually trained) and have put together a simple how-to page for wearing that one standout piece in several ways without looking like a one trick whore pony. I've got other pages in there too that I'll blog about soon but do go pick up a copy in the meantime, it's free!

Oh and if you were wondering, the print bustier is from Blackmarket No.2 at Orchard Central and the men's shirt is from The Society Of Black Sheep at MBS.


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