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Marie Claire China, February 2012
Pastels are in! Wait weren't they also 'in' last season... and the season before that and the one before that? Clearly I'm the only one who thinks this infatuation with powder/baby/candy floss-everything is getting really icky because just about every designer is STILL doing it. And no, the bugis street stalls pedaling their little pastel crop tops aren't helping. Oh god, those are the worse. I also blame them for single-handedly bringing that gross feeling you get after overdoing it at the dessert counter (I would know) into the fashion industry. If you must, this colour trend looks the best when applied to clean structural shapes that veer furthest from the fairy princess ideal. Think Phillip Lim and Acne, those I love.

Don't even touch that sheer baby blue chiffon maxi, not on my watch.


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