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So I've just woken up from a record snooze-athon after the INSANE week that was AFF, The Audi Fashion Festival. It was BRR-UUU-TAL. Seriously, I don't know how the people at Mercury do it. So this year, once again I got the amazing opportunity to serve as a chaperone (read:bitch) to the international designers who came down for this week long affair. First up, was Nicola Formichetti, Creative Director of MUGLER. I was assisting Dinie of OneSixtyNotepad for the day, apparently he needed reinforcements, well clearly since he was too busy being Nicola's BFF. Okay I'm starting to sound like Taylor from the Rachel Zoe Project, whoops!

So I stayed with the MUGLER team assisting them with whatever, including making a run to the wholesale centre (thank god it was right next to the office!) to get a hidden zipper. When I wasn't being the errand bitch, I died being a slightly oversized fly on a very fabulous wall, occasionally snapping a candid shot, while trying to avoid looking like a perv. Models slipped in and out of 8-inch high Louboutins, with an army of dressers working to get on ONE outfit. Some of these pieces had so many snaps and little zips in all sorts of places, you wouldn't even believe it. Kinda like surgery, but not really.


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