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Street style star Miroslava Duma in the Vika Gazinskaya sweater. 
Totes adorbs! This sweater is the perfect mix of faahh-shuuhnn and a little sense of humour. Spotted on the backs of uber street style stars like Miroslava Duma and Vika Gazinskya herself, it's sure to up your style quotient. Click through to learn how to cop the look!
This is what you should end up with! IMO it looks almost totally identical to the Vika sweater. So go ahead, fool the world with this perfect replica of that street style stunner. Also, check out my pretty friend Xinyi werking the look. And no, she's not texting anyone. I told her to hold her phone.
"It's so warm, can we go?!"
"Can I have this as my DP?"
"Am I supposed to pretend to text someone?"
"I'm hungry."

"Hippo! Can we go?"
"Is this filter nice?"



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